2-years old Navann is over it. [x]


Sanjai, a 20-years old bull (male elephant), sees himself for the first time in front of a mirror. [x]

elephants are fucking awesome.



Just gunna ride a elephant nbd

It is a very bd!  Elephant rides at fairs/circuses are not only harmful for the elephants but put people in grave danger as well.  The Maryland Renaissance Festival has been the subject of numerous animal welfare campaigns to end the elephant rides, not only for the reasons I mentioned, but because the man who provides the elephants has a history of being arrested for animal abuse.  To end this cruelty, people must boycott fairs that offer elephant rides!

Poll: What should Woodland Park Zoo do with its two surviving elephants?


This is now the second poll about Woodland Park Zoo’s elephants that is overwhelmingly in favor of retiring Chai and Bamboo to a sanctuary.  Yesterday when I saw it, it seemed like a more even split and my suspicion was that we had another SeaWorld poll rigging on our hands.  Today, even if the zoo is trying to influence it, the poll has swung the other way - hard.  

It’s encouraging to see this, but the real damage and change only comes when people vote with their wallet.  So, please, if you know anyone in Seattle let them know about Watoto, Chai and Bamboo and elephant captivity in general so they don’t support this zoo!

I still haven’t come to terms with the death of Watoto
Like I say her just days before her death it’s really disturbing?
I didn’t even want to go when we went and ever since her death I’ve just felt worse!


Lilly elephant settles into her new home and enjoys a dip in the pool with our other rescued elephants who have made her a part of their family. You can help us provide care for Lilly:


(Wildlife SOS)

Update for rescued begging elephant, Lilly!  She looks like she’s fitting in well (she’s the one with the little tushes on the end) with their little herd in Haryana.  I think her new herdmates are older than she is, one of them is 50 and the other is 70.  I don’t know which is which, though, so she must look good for her age.  :)

(Wildlife SOS has said that taking on Lilly means a lot of new expenses so if anybody has any extra money this month, Lilly could use some help!)

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