This is a poor photo of a last minute gouache painting I did for my cousin. Our tradition used to be giving each other hand made presents every summer and winter…but now that we’re actually good at making stuff we don’t have the time. 


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Elephant Tattoo image


Budapest circus

Photo: James Preselo

Look at how many people are there, how does no one question how safe this is, and how necessary it is?

It baffles me

"Tyke killed and tried to kill innocent people!"

I can’t believe i just read that.

Anyone who trains circus elephants likely isn’t “innocent” and the fact her trainer had alcohol and cocaine in his system should indicate he likely behaved even worse that night, or that he was ALWAYS on drugs and that probably caused him to further abuse animals.

Honestly whoever wrote that has probably some weird animal dominance thing going on. Like ya man elephants are for my entertainment and people can abuse them for my amusement but heaven forbid any act out they ruin the show aw man

haha stop

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