the elephant leg of the zoo trip was lovely.

watched an elephant continually throw itself into a tub while a keeper washed it off. It was having the time of it’s literal life.

Ellie’s in captivity always make me upset :(

These guys are in pretty great care, it seemed! Lots of open spaces for them to roam! However I also am not aware too much of Ellie’s in captivity. Other than the usual Thai things, circus things, shitty folks that lend em out for training, etc.

Personally I’m not a big fan of elephants in captivity, but when it’s a good facility (like Houston) I’m less inclined to complain for a number of reasons. One, it’s easier to give elephants lots of space than orcas. Two, there have been a LOT of improvements to elephant exhibits just in the past five years alone. So much work going into creating environments that encourage them to move and forage and explore, something you don’t see many places with captive cetaceans doing. Three, elephants are endangered and having a captive population as backup doesn’t hurt.

Agree with everything stated here, basically. :/

I don’t know everything about it and I’ve never been to that zoo, I just know that when I was at the Miami zoo they have a very large exhibit and they still displayed stereotypies. Is the Houston zoo for profit? I think elephants deserve to live in sanctuary type places, but that’s just me! And tbh with all the negative stuff I’ve seen just with captive marine mammals alone, it makes me less inclined to just say “oh, okay that sounds good!” Because it seems like with animals you just never know what they’re telling the truth about. But I think zoos in general are much more worthy than a marine park and by far more educational. They actually speak to you about endangered populations and want to teach you about the natural history of the animals.

Elephant captivity parallels a LOT with orca captivity! Elephants have almost identical social patterns, except males leave mothers. Elephants are also comparable in intelligence, travel great distances in the wild and it is very difficult to have their needs met in captivity.

No matter how good the facility, there seems to be some level of stereotypical behaviour. If Houston is a good facility, Lucky from San Antonio should go there, she’s been alone for over a year now.

*flies away to research*

One major downside to Houston is that they handle animals using Free Contact, which means they train and handle animals with bullhooks. Some facilities do it properly but it’s really tough to know unless your behind the scenes. There are some real horror stories of what seem like good facilities totally overusing bullhooks. Their breeding program is a total flop! 19 pregnancies, and only 3 calves alive today (all born between 2010 and 2014). Those are nasty numbers! The oldest captive born to live from the program was Kimba who lived to be 13.

Also all of the pregnancies except one were from the same sire so it would appear as though they don’t care too much about genetic diversity! Then again, with only 3 living calves it doesn’t affect the gene pool that much. You can check out their breeding stats here

Idk there are some downfalls to the facility. Is the zoo AZA accredited? Zoos that use Free Contact aren’t supposed to be but I’m not sure how heavily enforced that is.


There was a baby elephant, it was so CUTE #elephant #baby #zoo #cute

We need a ‘Blackfish’ for elephants :(



If you’re interested, Last Chain On Billie was released a few days ago.  


Billie now lives at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee.  

Just started this, really hope it blows up!

You guys should check out An Apology For Elephants! (though I have no idea where you can watch it, I’m struggling to find it myself)

I haven’t seen it so I can’t say if it is at all good or not, and it hasn’t had as much exposure as it should probably get, but the reactions from people who watch it are quite similar to those who watch Blackfish, and from what I have looked into the film is pretty accurate and whatnot and judging by the reactions I trust it’s good. It would be nice to have that readily available on netflix, but unfortunately it’s only aired occasionally on tv and that’s it.

Reaction wise though, and content wise (what with the is it necessary to have elephants perform or even captive questions arising) I’d say that’s as close to an elephant Blackfish as far as what’s out there.

God I sound stupid haha but from what I know, it’s worth checking out I guess is what I’m trying to say. I’m not articulate at all.


Day 108: July 23rd-24th

How handsome is he? “Star Reacher” has already been claimed by one of my soul sisters, but if you’re an elephant enthusiast send me a direct message and we can work on something similar (but never the same) together. :)


Finished my Starry-Night Giraffe last night c: Both are for sale for $15 each! The giraffe is 13in, and the elephant is 9.5in!

If you’d like to adopt one today, message me here or email me at:


Elephants on paper made from recycled elephant poo. #artistsofinstagram #instagram #artofinstagram #art #mixedmedia #watercolors #elephant #poo #rainbow #gelpens #instaart

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